La importancia del buen descanso

The importance of good rest

When you rest well, you are well. 

It was never any secret that Sleeping well has countless health benefits. However, in a world where people live at an increasingly fast pace and where there is so much to do, something happens that should never have happened: rest (and more importantly, good rest) has taken a backseat. .

Priorities have rotated: now, you work and take advantage of the day, and hopefully have time to rest, instead of allocating a significant portion of the day to this vital function.

Rest begins in childhood

From the moment we are born, our life process becomes one of continuous development. Sleeping well is essential, especially in the early stages of life, to obtain a correct growth and functioning of our body. During the deep sleep phases of our rest cycle, children secrete growth hormone, the hormone responsible for giving them a healthy and increasingly larger body. 

And it is not only necessary for a correct physical development: numerous studies prove that just as a good rest improves academic performance For children, irregular or poor quality sleep drastically worsens it. It has been observed in children and adolescents of both sexes that when they do not rest well, their cognitive, verbal, inductive reasoning and reasoning skills in general are significantly impaired.

For this reason, it is essential instruct children in good sleep habits and routines, as well as helping them choose the best mattress for your sleep. During childhood, it is recommended that the firmness of the mattress be high , as this facilitates good muscle and bone development. For this, the best mattresses for children are those with a natural latex core (such as the Natura or Natura Premium mattress) or firm memory foam (at BeZen we recommend the Ergo-Relax Plus and Pharma Therapy mattresses for children, among our wide range. of viscoelastic mattresses). However, as they grow, you can opt for less firm mattresses that are more to your individual taste.

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Sleep combats stress

More than half of people in Spain suffer from stress in the workplace and approximately 15% of the population feels stressed every day.

As we mentioned before, a fast pace of life greatly affects the level of daily stress. If we add to this poor quality rest, the statistics reach alarming figures.

At Bezen we have mattresses that help you alleviate this circumstance.

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And it is that, A good rest reduces the levels of cortisol we secrete. Cortisol, known as the stress hormone, is a hormone that regulates blood pressure, responds to stress, and reduces inflammation in most organs and tissues. Although it is a necessary hormone in our body, high levels of cortisol produce high blood pressure, which can lead to chronic heart disease, heart attacks, and high levels of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, cortisol is an essential factor for weight problems: every good diet includes a balanced diet, accompanied by exercise and good rest, since High levels of the stress hormone make it difficult to lose weight.

To reduce cortisol, it is extremely important to have deep, quality rest . The stress hormone can lead to anxiety before sleeping , difficulty falling asleep and getting deep sleep: this stress from sleeping, caused precisely by lack of sleep, can plunge the person into a vicious cycle of lack of concentration, stress and memory loss. On numerous occasions, when a person suffers from insomnia, they generate negative emotions associated with this time of day . The lack of sleep, and the mind's capacity for autosuggestion, is unmatched: when you have difficulty sleeping, you begin to associate sleep with anxiety and the bed in which you are not going to sleep. To get out of this loop, meditation is highly recommended, especially guided meditations and binaural sounds like those provided by the Audioscape mobile app (included in the purchase of all BeZen mattresses) and developing good rest habits .

Lack of sleep causes problems beyond mere tiredness: difficulty maintaining academic and work performance, worsening digestion, difficult regulation of emotions... It has also been scientifically proven that lack of sleep generates more irritability than hungry and It is easier to die of sleep than of hunger.

All of this confirms to us that it is essential to take care of our rest as best as possible. In order to do this, it is very necessary be aware of our circadian rhythms and adapt our schedules to facilitate good sleep (for a more detailed explanation about circadian rhythms and sleep cycles, consult this article). 

Another fundamental link in the chain of correct rest is comfort: Choose the mattress that best suits your preferences to be more likely to be comfortable and rest well (you can consult this guide O Consult us for more personalized advice).


If you rest well, you feel well

Counting on the advice of the National Hospital for Paraplegics, Physiotherapist Pablo García Marín assures that a good rest helps improve blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and joint pain., as well as improving mood. Our expert firmly states that Rest should be a priority part of our life and our routine, in which we must invest in quality.

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Far from opinions and evaluations, it is undeniable that a good comfortable and deep rest is facilitated by good quality rest products. From the beginning, our mission has always been to provide the best possible rest to our sleepers without having to make a large financial outlay. Mattresses like the Paris model , of the highest quality, provide perfect comfort to the individual and the couple, ensuring the perfect independence of beds so that the movements of the companion are not disturbed. This mattress will be your best ally on the path to perfect sleep.

Investing in a BeZen mattress is investing in rest. 

And investing in rest is investing in quality of life.

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