Frequent questions

My mattress is vacuum packed, when does it recover its original shape?

Once your mattress is opened and released from the vacuum bag, it will gradually begin to return to its original shape. Although your mattress will be ready much sooner, we recommend not using it before 24 hours to ensure that it is fully recovered.

What maintenance does my mattress need?

Although our mattresses are made with high quality materials that make them recover their shape very easily, it is advisable to follow some guidelines:
  • Rotate the position from head to toe approximately once a month so that the pressure of the weights changes areas.
  • If your mattress is double-sided, you should also turn it periodically.
It is important that you check the status of the base. 
We recommend that you use rigid bases if you want greater firmness and slatted bases if you want greater flexibility.
In the case of people weighing more than 110 kg, we always recommend rigid bases, in order to safeguard the good condition of your mattress.

What warranty does my product have?

The warranty on our products against manufacturing defects is a minimum of three years. There is a 5-year warranty on many of our models and this is indicated on the product sheet.

To make the guarantee effective, contact our customer service department and they will tell you the steps to follow in each case.


When will I recive my order?

Your order will be sent within the period indicated on each of the product sheets.
Our products are manufactured especially for you, so once the order is validated, its immediate production is processed in the factory so that you have it as soon as possible.
In order to offer our customers the best service and to have their order as soon as possible, there are certain more standard models and sizes with IMMEDIATE availability, if so (and this is indicated on the product sheet when you are making the order). purchase) will leave our warehouses the day after processing your order.
You will receive a shipping confirmation email as soon as the shipping company provides us with the tracking number so that you can easily locate your order.
Transit times are approximately as follows:
Spain     – 24 to 72 hours
France    – 3 to 5 days
Italy        – 3 to 5 days
Germany – 4 to 6 days
The transport company will send you an SMS notifying you of the delivery.
If you have purchased your product with assembly included, the transport agency will contact you to make an appointment with you at a time that best suits you.


Where are Bezen mattresses made?

We have been manufacturing our mattresses in Spain for more than forty years, very close to Madrid.


Can the size of my mattress vary from what was ordered?

 Since mattresses are manufactured with padding, foams and fabrics that may undergo certain changes in their manufacturing process, it may occur that there is a slight difference in the final measurement of the product that could vary by more or less two centimeters and that is considered a normal tolerance according to UNE-EN 1334:1996 Standard.

These differences may affect the height, width or length of the mattress and would not be subject to return or exchange of the product.

It is important not to allow more than a month to pass from receiving the mattress to open it since if it is not stored in optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and/or pressure, its recovery could be affected and the right to return or exchange the product could not be exercised.


How do I know which mattress is best for me?

Call us and we will gladly recommend the mattress that best suits your needs +34 689 383 415.


How does CETELEM installment payment work?