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Natura Premium Latex Articulated Bed Base Set | Assembly INCLUDED

Natura Premium Latex Articulated Bed Base Set | Assembly INCLUDED

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Singapore articulated bed base set with Natura model latex mattress.

Set consisting of the Singapore articulated bed base with steel and wood structure and the ergonomic Natura latex mattress.

Singapore articulated bed base:

Wood and steel 33 cm 8 cm 4


Our Singapore Articulated Bed Base has 5 levels of articulation using a multifunction cable control. It consists of a maximum power motor with a return to zero system. It is a 4 cm beech wood multi-slat system in a natural finish with bi-slat firmness regulators in the lumbar area.

Technical characteristics:

    • Total height of 33 cm (25 cm legs and 8 cm bed base).
    • 4 threaded iron legs of 25 cm included in all measurements.
    • 5 articulation planes using multifunction cable control.
    • Maximum power motorization with return to zero system.
    • 4 cm beech wood multi-slat system in natural finish.
    • Bi-sheet firmness regulators in the lumbar area.
    • Suspension on silent rubber ball joints.
    • Curved steel tube structure with straight edges measuring 50x20 mm and 1.5 mm thick.
    • Inner frame with 25x25 mm cold rolled steel tube.
    • Silver thermoset gray epoxy finish.
    • It includes a metal retaining ring that prevents the mattress from slipping.


    Natura Latex Mattress:

    Natura Latex Mattress. Natural Relaxation | Height 18 cm | Another firm

    THE FIRM high
    HEIGHT 21 cm

    18 cm of natural latex with progressive multi-perforation

    STRONG POINT Thermal regulation and muscle pain


    The Natura Premium mattress is created with 100% natural latex with progressive multi-perforation that distributes the pressure areas creating 7 differentiated zones of firmness, making it the ideal support capable of preventing ailments and eliminating all types of rigidity.

     Technical characteristics:

      Mattress 21 cm high (+-1 cm).

      Natural latex core with 18 cm progressive multiperforation.

      Superior “cotton elegance” Stretch fabric with cotton touch and cloud effect.

      Tapa superior and inferior alcoholchada with continuous system.

      Long durability.

      OEKO-TEX® certificate of authenticity of the materials used in its manufacture, free of harmful substances.


      Benefits and strengths of the Natura latex mattress:

        The latex foam, with high durability and an open cellular structure formed by millions of interconnected particles, facilitates air circulation and continuous ventilation of the support.

        It helps eliminate pressure points with the aim of relieving muscle and bone pain, ideal for giving the sleeper a double sensation of firmness-adaptability comfort and achieving a restful sleep, in addition to its relaxing effect.

        It has a special posture corrector system for the spine so that it is always well aligned with lumbar reinforcement.

        Its use is recommended on slat bases and can be used with articulated bed bases. It has two zippered covers: an internal protective one and an external one made of continuous padded high-weight Stretch fabric.

        Maximum independence of beds, minimizing the effects of the companion's movements.

        Totally hypoallergenic with harmless fibers. Natural fabric with Sanitized® system: anti-mites, anti-bacteria, anti-hungry and hypoallergenic

        Medium hardness and anti-heat effect that allows air to flow and ventilate effectively, achieving optimal rest.

        Anatomical, non-deformable and with excellent elasticity: the most natural experience.


        Shipping and warranty:
        All products are manufactured in Spain. 3 year warranty.


        Delivery in plant.

        The mattress is delivered in a box.

        The price includes climbing to the plant and assembly.

        Return policies


        All returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery of the product and as long as it is in its original packaging. With the exception of mattresses, which will have a withdrawal period of 100 days, where the customer can try the product.

        Para tramitar la devolución, ponte en contacto con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente, mediante formulario que encontrarás en “Contactar” o a través del correo electrónico info@colchonesbezen.com indicando el motivo de la devolución y te contactaremos a la mayor brevedad indicando el procedimiento a seguir.
        For reasons of hygiene and health, open products are not accepted, unless there is an error in the shipment of the product that could not be seen from the outside of the product (wrong product) or the delivered product has a manufacturing defect. This also does not apply to mattresses, which can be tested within 100 days. It is important to keep in mind that the mattresses can be used for testing, but for hygienic conditions, we recommend using a protective cover during the testing period. Mattresses used during those 100 days must be returned in optimal condition, without stains or damage.

        If you wish to test and return the mattress within those 100 days, once it has been spread, you must proceed to package it in a double layer of plastic and reinforce the corners of the mattress with cardboard. The return will be the responsibility of the customer, although you can also ask us to provide this collection service. The costs of collection due to the right of withdrawal will be deducted from the amount paid by the client at the time of processing the refund.

        The transportation cost of returns due to withdrawal will be the responsibility of the customer.

        In the case of returns due to factory defect, or execution of the warranty right, the after-sales department will evaluate the scope of the same to determine whether to repair or replace it with another product.

        Get in touch with info@colchonesbezen.com and follow the instructions provided to you to process the return or collection of the product.

        The refund will be carried out by the same method in which the purchase was made.

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