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Pocket springs VS Viscoelastic core mattress

What should be taken into account when talking about pocket springs against the memory foam core?

This is one of the first and most important decisions to make when selecting the most optimal mattress for your rest, since each type of core has certain characteristics.

However, it is not an answer that is based on the quality of the product, it is rather a personal taste and preferences of each person.            

To help you in your decision, we indicate the differences that exist between the two:


The pocket spring mattress has an air chamber inside that achieves a better temperature balances thanks to greater air recirculation. 

Mattresses with memory foam or HR foam core have a greater imbalance in this air recirculation and can produce higher heat effects.

This is why for those people with hot flashes or night sweats a pocket spring mattress is more recommended.

Independent rest systems

This term (or bed independence) refers to the behavior of the mattress when sleeping as a couple. It is about its ability to be independent of each person's movements without affecting the rest of both.

This quality is on par in both types of mattress.


Adaptation levels

The adaptation levels are the ability of the mattress to adapt to our silhouette and avoid deviations in our spine while we rest.

In this case the visco core mattress (if its viscoelastic layer oscillates over 4 cm at the top) will achieve a 100% effectiveness of adaptation of our body on the base of the mattress.

The pocket spring mattress performs a similar job but the maximum adaptation would be 85% coupling

If what you are looking for is a great adaptation to the body, a mattress with a viscoelastic or foam core is the solution.


Now it's your turn to decide!

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