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Pocket spring vs visco core mattress

Pocket spring vs visco core mattress, what should I take into account?

This is usually one of the first and most important decisions to make when selecting the most optimal mattress for your rest.

However, it is not an answer that is based on the quality of the product, it is rather a personal taste and preferences of each one.            

To help you in your decision, we will indicate the differences between the two:


The pocket spring mattress has an air chamber inside the mattress that achieves a balance of temperatures by making a greater recirculation of the air inside it, while the viscolastic core mattress has a greater imbalance in this air recirculation being able to produce higher heat effects.

Independent rest systems:

We use this term (or bed independence) when referring to the behavior of the mattress when sleeping as a couple. It is about the ability to be independent of the movements of each one without affecting the rest of both. This quality is on par in the two mattress modalities

Adaptation levels:

We use this term to define the ability of the mattress to adapt to our silhouette and avoid deviations in our spine while we rest.

In this case, the mattress with a visco core, if the sheet that it has oscillates over 4 cm in the upper part, it will achieve a 100% effectiveness of adaptation of our body on the mattress base. The pocket spring mattress does a similar job but the maximum adaptation would be 85% coupling. 


Pocket spring mattress or viscoelastic core mattress?

You know, you decide.


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