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These foods will make you sleep better

Nutrition is essential for a healthy and balanced life, which is why it also plays an important role in rest. If you have difficulty falling asleep or wake up constantly during the night, there are a number of foods that can help reduce the effects of these problems.

The key substances

There are a handful of hormones and nutrients that are very important to regulate sleep:

  1. Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, that is, we cannot produce it, but it can only be obtained through food.
  2. Serotonin (also known as the “happiness hormone”) is a hormone that is obtained with tryptophan that, in addition to regulating many processes such as digestion, mood, or even sexual function, also regulates sleep behavior.
  3. Our friend: melatonin. This well-known hormone is what causes and regulates the feeling of sleep, and is derived in turn from serotonin.

Apart from these three substances, carbohydrates, vitamin D, magnesium and omega fatty acids are also important. 3.


Important foods…why?

As we just said, it is essential that our diet contains the aforementioned, but thus, speaking of hormones, it is not very clear what we should eat. We give you examples of foods rich in these nutrients:

  1. Nuts, especially walnuts and almonds, are a very good source of melatonin, omega 3 (which also increases the production of serotonin)and magnesium, which helps reduce cortisol levels (a hormone that produces stress and makes it difficult to fall asleep).
  2. Dairy, such as cheese and milk, have a large amount of tryptophan, which, as we already know, It is a precursor to melatonin and will help you sleep well.
  3. Fruits (especially pineapple, banana, cherries and kiwis) contain high levels oftryptophan, melatonin and magnesium. In addition, kiwi also helps the production of serotonin and is rich in vitamin C.
  4. cereals and seeds provide all of the nutrients mentioned above, plus protein, calcium and healthy fats that They make them healthy for all the functions of the body. Some cereals are rice and oats (if they are whole grains even better) and seeds such as sesame and chia >.
  5. The highest amount of omega 3 and vitamin D is found in fatty fish, such as tuna, b>trout, salmon oranchovies, although vitamin D can also be obtained through exposure to the Sun.
  6. And finally, infusions such as valerian, chamomile or tila also cause relaxation and desire to go to bed.

It is also important to remember that these foods should be incorporated into your diet throughout the day: at night it is better to avoid large dinners. It is best to have a light dinner and between 2-3 hours before going to sleep.


You know, implement these foods into your diet and sleep like a baby.

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