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Feng shui: where do I put my bed?

The feng shui It usually appears in decorative trend magazines (sometimes even mentioned as one more religion among many). The truth is that it is a life philosophy, which seeks the equilibrium and the flow of positive energies. 

Feng” (wind) and “shui” (water), are the two elements that provide a vital flow of energy, channeling health, prosperity and harmony.

What is it for and how do you start?

This philosophy, closely linked to the distribution of furniture and decoration in the different spaces of the home, it is usually put into practice when one of these three objectives is met:

  1. keep the energy (fundamentally to prevent energy imbalances and promote harmony in your daily life).
  2. restore power (to adjust the energy balance when you feel that something is not quite right).
  3. increase energy (mainly positive vibes. It is used above all when you want to achieve some personal goal).

It is crucial to understand that each house or space requires a specific energy flow. To find out which one is necessary for your home, it is best to contact an expert in feng shui, In any case, we give you some basic keys to start your trip.

  1. The first thing is to get rid of everything that is not used: order and cleanliness are very important to achieve harmony. Furniture that is not used, in addition to those that are not safe (because they are partially broken or have very sharp corners), only hinder the energy flow.
  2. Don't put mirrors in front of doors or windows, as the energy bounces off the reflection and escapes (as well as causing unease).
  3. Maximize the natural light of your home. If this is missing, complete it with lamps and artificial lights: your home must always be bright.
  4. The water elements (such as fountains, vases with water, etc.) are vital to attract good fortune.

The feng shui in your bedroom

Having the possibility to choose a room, try to choose a bedroom with a square or rectangular shape: these forms are those of the earth element, which provides balance to Chi (which is the force of nature that makes us be in tune with our around).

In every bedroom, the main element should be the bed. Therefore, its correct placement is the most important part to guarantee positive energy in our room.

ideal is put the bed in a position centered, with support elements on each side (such as bedside tables and small lamps, which provide protection). The headboard must be placed on the wall farthest from the door, in addition to avoiding aligning the foot of the bed with the door (this causes a greater feeling of insecurity). If it could not be given in another way, the best thing would be to place a high footboard or a trunk at the foot of the bed, acting as a protective barrier between the bed and the door. Try to control the door from the bed, but without seeing it completely directly.

The headboard of the bed is an essential element: its absence generates instability. It is an element that, in addition to being decorative, gives a greater sense of protection and support.

As for the colors in your bedroom, the feng shui recommend soft colors (especially pastels). For a more in-depth color guide, check out our article on the best colors for your room.

Things to avoid in your bedroom:

  1. Two separate mattresses for a double bed, as this can be a symbol of disunity and rupture in the couple.
  2. The mirrors in front of doors (for the reason stated above) as well as in front of the bed, as they worsen the quality of sleep.
  3. The still life images (representing still lifes) and the presence of dried flowers, for the same reason.
  4. Avoid doing physical and work activities in your room: it hinders the passage of relaxing energy.

The ventilation It is very important for the renewal of energies. Windows are sources of new good fortune: decorate them with curtains in light tones. you can also have fresh flowers and incense in your room, because they bring vitality.


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