Estos son los mejores accesorios para tu descanso

These are the best accessories for your rest

Sometimes a good mattress is enough to make your rest much more pleasant and restful. However, it is not always so easy: studies affirm that almost half of the Spanish population suffers from insomnia or sleep problems. Therefore, it is recommended to look for accessories or complements that elevate your sleep to the maximum degree to make it a renewing and perfect experience.

We suggest the best accessories to take care of you and your mattress, your greatest ally at rest.

A topper or mattress pad

The toppers and mattress pads work, fundamentally, to protect your mattress from stains and moisture and extend its life. There are different types of toppers:

  1. Memory foam: these mattress toppers not only protect your mattress, but also complement its thickness and create a greater comfort. We recommend that you try our memory foam toppers Physio and V5.
  2. Antibacterial: this type fights against bacteria, mites and fungi, protecting your mattress so that it lasts longer. The Bruner topper is perfect to fulfill this function.
  3. Waterproof: avoid dampness and the mold it produces at all costs with a waterproof topper. In addition, it is perfect for covering the beds of your little ones. Improve the rest of your children and the durability of your mattress with the Pronébula topper.

Electric blankets or hot packs

The perfect complement for the cold winter: the electric blanket. Among its many benefits, it is mainly its ability to soothe muscle aches and menstrual cramps, making it the perfect friend after a long day at work.

Other alternatives to the electric blanket exist that do not require electricity during the night, such as hot water bottles (complementing them with a waterproof protector) or seed bags that are heated in the microwave.

Memory foam pillow

These pillows help correcting your posture and by molding perfectly to the head and neck, they help to reduce neck pain and headaches, as many headaches or migraines are triggered by poor neck posture.

Our Seafoam memory foam pillow is not only antibacterial, anti-mite, antifungal and hypoallergenic, but it will also take your rest to another level.

Essential oil diffusers

Aromatherapy is the perfect complement to promote relaxation before falling asleep: helping relaxation, loosening muscles, melatonin production and sleep reconciliation. The best scents for sleep are those that contain lavender (since it has sedative and muscle relaxation properties), bergamot (with a delicious smell) or verbena (helps calm anguish, anxiety and depression).


Audioscape, the relaxing sounds app

Audioscape is a mobile application that allows you to enjoy different relaxing sounds and setting up soundscapes that will help you sleep better. It has the technology of binaural waves, certain sound frequencies that affect brain waves, helping your brain to reconfigure itself to sleep easy and simple.

Our mission is to provide you with the best rest and the highest quality possible. That's why, With the purchase of your BeZen mattress, you will receive a unique code that will grant you a completely free lifetime subscription to the Audioscape app.

Combining the benefits of relaxing sounds and binaural waves with the perfect comfort of your BeZen mattress, you will wake up every morning with the necessary energy to eat the world


Complement your rest with BeZen.

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