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How do I sleep during a heat wave?

How do I sleep during a heat wave?

An answer to this question is concise and to the point: I sleep poorly. 

Experts point out that the best temperatures to fall asleep are between 18ºC and 22ºC: any temperature above or below that range causes sleep problems, but it is not always possible to sleep in these optimal conditions.

The real question is, how can I get a good night's sleep during a heat wave?

Stay hydrated and have a light dinner

Hydration is the key to staying fit and healthy. Corporal temperature regulation. During heat waves it is vitally important not to neglect your hydration: try drink plenty of water throughout the day and also before bed (although in smaller amounts to avoid waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom).

As for other drinks, it is better avoid alcohol and caffeine. The former can cause faster dehydration and the latter makes it harder to fall asleep.

Do not eat large amounts of dinner: copious dinners require a greater effort for the body to digest them, which will inevitably increase body temperature and cause hot flashes that make it difficult to rest. The best foods for dinner are those with large amounts of watersuch as fruits and vegetables. 

Of course, do not forget to go to the bathroom before bed to avoid night awakenings and keep a glass of water on your bedside table in case you feel thirsty at midnight.

keep your room cool

From the morning, it is important lower the blinds and close the curtains as much as possible (in the event that natural light is needed for a specific task) or completely so that the heat of the sun does not enter. 

If air conditioning is available in the rooms, prepare your room just before sleeping to have a favorable temperature for sleep. Sleeping with the air conditioning active is not recommended, as it can cause colds and dry throat and eyes. In the event that it is used at night, it is better if it does not give directly to the bed.

If you do not have air conditioning, you can open the windows before sleeping to allow fresh air to pass through. Another good option are both ceiling and floor fans, since they are less aggressive than the cold air from air conditioners.

Have healthy sleep habits

A series of good habits before of sleep is essential to fall asleep quickly and effectively. To get started, try to maintain your routines and sleep schedules intact: alterations in these cause great difficulty sleeping, especially if they are not respected the circadian rhythms of our body.

When it is warmer, our body works harder to stay active, generating a greater feeling of slowness and lethargy. Naps are tempting, but avoid them as much as possible: take advantage of tiredness for the night.

If you have great difficulty sleeping every summer due to hot flashes and night sweats, consider changing your mattress to one with winter and summer face: these specialized mattresses (such as our ViscoGel or our Everest) have an exclusive side for summer, made up of gel, which provides greater freshness to your rest.

The great enemies of melatonin (one of the most important sleep hormones) are light sources: turn off your devices time before bed and relax your eyes with the dark. Another option is relaxing activities such as reading and writing (for which only dim lighting is needed) or guided sleep exercises such as those provided by the ASMR (videos of relaxing sounds) or the Mindfulness.


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