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What do my dreams mean?


If there is something we all do (even if we do not remember) is dreaming when we sleep. Sometimes things that could perfectly be real and others that make you wake up confused, frowning, and thinking "what did I just dream?"

Why do we dream?

Since the beginning of human reason, people have tried to discover why we dream and what do dreams mean. 

After countless studies on this matter, it has been concluded that dreams are information that the brain stores in the memory and "brings out" or rebuilds when we sleep. Many of our dreams reflect the state of mind in which we find ourselves at the moment, the worries of the day to day or situations we fear or want to happen. We can even dream of people we think we have never seen, but the truth is that, even if we do not remember them, perhaps we have encountered them and our brain has extracted that piece of information from the subconscious when we were sleeping.

Anyway, it is still an inexact and uncertain science, with more questions than answers. There are also currents of thought that affirm that dreams are premonitions about what's going to happen, but who really knows?

The most common dreams and their meanings

There are many dreams common to everyone, which are usually repeated throughout our lives to a greater or lesser extent (also called "recurring"). Surely you have shared what you have dreamed with a friend and they have told you that they once dreamed something very similar.

As many dream patterns repeat themselves, inexhaustible lists of the most frequent dreams and their possible meanings have been drawn up.

Dreaming that you are naked

Dreaming that you are in a public place completely or partially naked is something very normal. This may symbolize a low self-esteem, fear of humiliation, and difficulties or lack of socialization.

Being trapped

Being trapped in a car, room or a closed place, can be a sign of “mental claustrophobia”, that is, of feeling mentally trapped. Although most of the time one is not aware of it, one can point out a dependence on someone or something, and the fear of losing it.

To be persecuted

One of the most stressful and disturbing dreams is to be chased, whether by someone threatening or not necessarily, it is still very disconcerting. 

This symbolizes the fear of confrontation and avoiding everyday responsibilities. On a more positive side, it can also be the search for new challenges and a show of great talent.


This type of dream usually ends in waking up abruptly. 

This is because dreaming that you fall from somewhere (high or not so high) occurs at the end of the R.E.M phase or in the light sleep stage, when you have just fallen asleep. Therefore, the brain has not completely disconnected from the body, and the state of alarm that causes the fall, connects with the extremities and usually produces spasms.

As for its meaning, it tends to be an accumulation of stress and a very great fear of losing control.


Dreaming of one's own pregnancy establishes a change in mentality: it means that the pregnant person is entering a stage of maturity and growth in which there are many changes coming that they are ready to face.

Losing control while driving

Something very common (even in children who have never driven) is to dream that you are at the wheel of a car and lose control or do not know how to drive. It may be related to a tragic situation, but it does not mean that if you dream this something bad will happen, but that this overwhelming and uncontrolled situation is a indicative of how you may act in a moment of uncertainty.

To be late

Constantly, and more if there is an important event the next day, you will dream that you are late or that you lose public transport to the place you want to get to. This signals a deep fear of losing opportunities, both work and social as well as in you lovelife.

Taking an exam for which you have not studied

The dream (or nightmare) that every student has had in stressful times: dreaming that you arrive at an exam where they do not ask you anything you know or the one question you haven't even studied for. 

This is closely related to the "Impostor syndrome", a psychological syndrome that makes the sufferer believe that he/she is not worthy of his/her achievements, which pushes them to always give the most of themselves and fear not living up to expectations both own and others.


What do you dream when you sleep?

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