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The benefits of sleeping next to your partner

The movements of your boy, the snoring of your "sweetiepie", that they get up four times to go to the bathroom ... Many times it is difficult to see the positive side of sleeping as a couple.

But although it all seems bad, the truth is that sleeping next to your baby has numerous benefits both to your own health as well as for the health of the couple.

Why are there couples who prefer to sleep separately?

Those couples will surely wonder why there are people who prefer to sleep together.

Multiple bad (or just mismatched) sleeping habits between members of a relationship can cause bedtime chaos. For example, one of the most common problems falling asleep as a couple are noises caused by snoring, sleep apnea, or nocturnal bruxism (clenching the jaw and grinding the teeth when sleeping) of the other member of the couple.

At the same time, going to bed at different times, getting up too often or moving around a lot in bed is often the cause of disputes, as lack of sleep disrupts common routines and causes a bad mood.

On the other hand, poor posture when trying to sleep comfortably with someone can cause back and muscle pains. Not to mention those terrible criminals, the "cover hogs" who uncover you and leave you unprotected against the cold and darkness of the night.

What are the health benefits of sleeping together

Although not much is said about it, beyond the benefits of sleeping together for the couple (which we will talk about later), there are also countless benefits for individual health.

When sleeping with a loved one, the body releases very important hormones: serotonin (known as one of the hormones of happiness), oxytocin (one of those that most influences sexual processes, in addition to the formation of emotional ties with other people) and dopamine (which causes relaxation and reduces stress).

Also, thanks to caresses and hugs, blood pressure is lowered and temperature is regulated for the most cold people.

Some studies suggest that when sleeping with a partner, the REM sleep is much less interrupted. This is very important since during the "repair" of our body during this phase, processes such as memory maintenance, regulation of emotions and creativity to solve problems take place.

The advantages for the relationship

Like any activity, sleeping together is one more way to spend time with your partner and one of the most important processes to maintain a good emotional health.

By spending that time in bed together, they generate very important ties of intimacy and complicity, since at night and in the hours close to going to sleep, it is proven that people tend to be more vulnerable and to have deep conversations.

All this improves attachment and the feeling of security in oneself, because being with someone who understands you and is physically united with you makes you feel more protected from external threats.

Also, by constantly sleeping next to someone, sleep patterns end up syncing, improving the quality of sleep, the relationship and a deeper level in which to understand each other.

Tips to facilitate sleep as a couple

Most of the time, although it has so many benefits, it is not so easy to sleep comfortably next to someone. From BeZen we give you some tips for it:

  1. Buy a large mattress, where there is plenty of space for both of you in case you want to sleep closer together or more apart. The mattresses by BeZen are specially designed to guarantee bed independence, minimizing the movements of the company. Also something that is done very often in Nordic countries, is to have individual quilts (in addition to pillows), so that everyone can decide when they want to cover or uncover themselves without disturbing them.
  2. It's very important go to sleep at the same time and try to have the same rest times. It is common for conflicts to arise if each one goes to sleep at a different time, as this alters the routines of both.
  3. You should also try to resolve the arguments (whenever possible) before sleep, since they produce high levels of stress that can lead to a bad and unrefreshing rest.
  4. And finally, if what costs you is finding a position in which to sleep peacefully, we want to recommend three: face up but holding hands (it is comfortable and there is still physical contact), back to back (if you both prefer to sleep on your side, and you can also touch the couple) and the most famous one, spooning (it's like cuddling, but more comfortable).


Sleep well with your partner and don't be a "cover hog".

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