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Gratitude improves your rest

The better we feel emotionally, the better we rest. Gratitude is a path that leads us to face life with more positivity and allows us to improve our mood substantially.

Gratitude consists not only in saying "thank you", but also in appreciating the material and intangible things we have and we get, even (and especially) when we may think they are small or insignificant. It is an emotion, a virtue and a feeling, but above all, it is an attitude.

What benefits does gratitude have?

Some studies on psychology, especially that of gratitude and positivity, prove that being grateful generates a greater overall happiness and higher self-esteem, as well as stronger and healthier relationships and even an immune system enhancement, since it reduces negative and toxic emotions such as envy or resentment and reduces the level of hormones such as cortisol, directly linked to stress.

A grateful attitude allows us to connect with ourselves and what we do both for ourselves and for others; with our community and loved ones, strengthening ties; with nature and everything it offers us; and with greater powers or a more accentuated feeling of spirituality.

This positive and connected feeling translates into greater peace of mind, physical and emotional relaxation that help us rest better and to face adversity with a considerable improvement in our attitude. Being a selfless value, it is positive for both the one who gives and the one who receives, improving emotional and personal ties, which allow us to harbor less resentment and be more prone to forgive.

And it is very true that the more grateful you are, the less you look at the negative aspects.


How to apply it on a daily basis


Especially during the bad days, try to be thankful for the good that you have: it can be mentally or, preferably, in writing. Words put on paper provide a greater sense of “materiality”, it seems that "they exist more" than a simple thought. For this, you can have a journal or thank you notebook in which to write regularly.

Express your gratitude to someone just because. It can be a person you know little or even a loved one. Many times we forget to thank the people around us for joining us on our journey, and everyone likes to hear how grateful someone feels to have you in their life.

Say "thank you" whenever you can to everyone. Many workers feel that their work throughout the day can go unnoticed: show that it doesn't and that you appreciate their effort to colleagues, teachers, waiters, janitors, someone who holds the door for you as you pass, the bus driver who re-opens the door when they were already leaving… Everyone deserves a “thank you”.

You can also meditate. Meditation and practices such as Mindfulness help us to concentrate on the present and to focus on the positive aspects of life, observing emotions and appreciating their presence in us.


Thanks for being here.


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