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These are the best plants for your bedroom

There is a belief that it is bad to have plants in the bedroom, that when night comes they steal our oxygen. Although it is true that some plants do not help clean the air and can generate more CO2, the truth is that the vast majority of plants purify the air in your room, eliminating toxins such as trichlorethylene or benzene produced by some everyday products such as nail polish, aerosols, floor cleaning products, etc.

we show you the best plants for your room, which not only clean the atmosphere and improve the quality of sleep, but they are easy to care for and will give a green touch to your environment.


This plant is great for absorb toxic agents from the air. Some studies prove that it manages to absorb up to 90% of formaldehyde, a substance that can become carcinogenic, which is present in antiseptics, dishwashing liquids, glues and shoe cleaning products. What's more, absorbs smoke and odors, keeping oxygen levels high.

It is very easy to care for and produces small baby plants that can be cut into cuttings and easily propagated.


The pothos is one of the indoor plants par excellence in all decorations. Its bright green leaves and fast growth have made it one of the most popular hanging plants.

Is extremely robust and adapts to any environment (both in direct sun for many hours and in indirect light). It grows with any type of substrate and removes toxins from the air, not to mention its beauty.

lady palm tree

The Lady palm is one of the most common plants for bedrooms. requires little water, only when the substrate is dry and it grows better with indirect light, as is usually the case in rooms. It helps a lot in purifying the air, absorbing the aforementioned formaldehyde and ammonia.


Lavender, although commonly considered an outdoor plant, can be kept indoors in medium or large pots. To take care of her, you must avoid overwatering and cause puddles and it is better to keep it near a window so that it absorbs light well.

The smell of your flowers It is one of the most esteemed in the world of sleep, since it enhances relaxation, regulates heart rate and promotes the secretion of melatonin, one of the sleep hormones.

Delicious monstera

This beautiful plant (with a rather peculiar name) will fill the smallest spaces of very large leaves and bright, giving them an incredible light.

It is used to growing in the shade of trees, so with indirect light it has more than enough.

It is also known by the name "Adam's rib" since its leaves resemble ribs.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the best plants to have on hand: very effectively removes benzene from the air (present in cleaning products and adhesives), in addition to being very beneficial for the skin, because it is enough to cut a small portion of its leaves to obtain 100% natural aloe vera.

It does need plenty of sun to grow, so it's best to have it near a window or skylight.


We encourage you to have an always green room.

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