¿Conoces los beneficios de tener un buen colchón? - BeZen Mattress & Health

Do you know the benefits of having a good mattress?

We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping, so choosing a good quality mattress that is perfectly adapted to your needs is the best investment you can make for your health.

It is amply proven that sleeping well, in addition to improving good mood and helping to reduce all stress levels, greatly benefits the immune and nervous system, prevents the appearance of back or muscle pain and, among other things, improves attention and the performance to start a new day.

For athletes, getting enough good sleep improves physical performance considerably. Thus, in a study titled "Grouped Comparisons of Sleep Quality for New and Personal Bedding Systems, (group comparisons on the quality of sleep in new sleep equipment) "the physical performance of a person is related to the years of age and quality of the mattress where he rests and determines something as curious as that once the mattress is changed by a new one adapted to the needs of the individual, the conditions related to physical performance improve considerably.

Among others:

  •          Back pain is reduced by 62.8%
  •          Shoulder pain is reduced by 62.4%
  •          Back stiffness is reduced by 58.4%
  •          Sleep quality improves by 64.4%
  •          Comfort when sleeping increases by 69.6%

With these data, it is better not to settle for an old mattress and study the possibilities of change is a highly recommended option. :-)

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