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Wooden Canapé and Ergo-Relax Plus Mattress Pack | OAK

Wooden Canapé and Ergo-Relax Plus Mattress Pack | OAK

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High-resistance and capacity wooden canapé set with Ergo Relax Plus model mattress and Nordic pillow.

Set consisting of our highly resistant and high-capacity wooden folding sofa and the Ergo Relax Plus viscoelastic mattress.

Gain space and rest peacefully with this complete rest equipment.

Madera sofa:

High resistance and capacity wooden canapé.

    ALTO TOTAL 34cm
    PAWS Rounded solid wood ground-level legs
    WAY Reinforced frame with additional stainless steel bars and wooden board.
    UPHOLSTERED COVER Padded in breathable fabric.
    OPENING Frontal


    Technical characteristics:

      Total height to the ground of 34 cm.

      Height of the internal useful space of 28 cm.

      Length and width measurements: according to the offer purchased by the client.

      The "Twin" models include two canapés of equal dimensions and anchors to join them both. In these models, the assembly difficulty is medium-high.

      Solid stringers 3 cm thick.

      Board joining and adjustment system tested for more than 20 years, which guarantees the perfect adjustment of the stringers, headboard and footboard to each other, as well as the bottom of the sofa through the slot machined with a high-precision machine to insert the bottom on the rest of the boards without the need for multiple screws and holes.

      Wooden canapé cover that has its frame reinforced with additional stainless steel bars and interior wooden board upholstered with breathable fabric made of 100% 3D material (woven with a multitude of intertwined threads with a grid effect to allow air to pass through and guarantee perspiration of the mattress) in a color matching the body of the sofa.

      Adjustment of lid to canapé through a precision mechanism provided with double anti-noise hydraulic shock absorbers of the latest generation of variable force that facilitate the opening and closing of the canapé without any risk or unnecessary effort, as well as easy-to-install steel hardware to the sofa stringers.

      Solid wood handle with matching color.

      Benefits and strengths of the wooden sofa:

        Thicker than most of the existing offering on the market that provides greater firmness and durability.

        The interior of the canape lid is also made of wood, something very rare in the market since most existing suppliers make it in cardboard. This allows them to save on the price but the durability of the item is much less and generates many incidents. It is important to keep this point in mind.

        Anti-movement stainless steel safety arch to prevent movement of the mattress when the lid of the bed is opened or closed.

        Corners/legs flush with the ground in solid wood and rounded to avoid injuries and knocks, as well as to maintain the line of the canape lid, also made in a curve.

        Anti-movement support system at ground level to prevent the lateral balance of the sofa and the entry of dust and lint.

        Ergo-Relax Plus Mattress:

        Viscoelastic Memory Ergonomic Mattress for maximum comfort. Relax Memory Effect | Height 24 cm | sign another

        THE FIRM  high
        HEIGHT 24cm
        CORE HR foam
        VISCOELASTIC 4cm
        STRONG POINT muscle pains

        The Ergo-Relax Plus memory foam mattress offers ideal adaptability for any sleeper.

         Technical characteristics:

          24 cm high mattress with 4 cm shape memory layer with a density of 55kg/m3.

          HR foam core (high resilience) with open cell structure that facilitates ventilation.

          Natural, breathable and anti-humidity "ViscoSoft" fabric, and 3D lower fabric with maximum breathability that guarantees air flow in a 360º environment.

          Ergonomic and anatomical mattress.

          Soft Stretch upper fabric with "cloud" and "anti-stress" effect for a better rest.

          Long durability.

          OEKO-TEX® certificate of authenticity of the materials used in its manufacture, free of harmful substances.

          Benefits and strengths of the Ergo-Relax Plus memory foam mattress:

            Ideal to provide a great feeling of comfort.

            Viscoelastic mattress, ideal to help you get a restful sleep. Firm when it does not detect heat and adaptable in contact with the body, eliminating pressure points. By reducing muscle tension, it promotes adequate blood circulation.

            Designed for both light and heavy people.
            Maximum independence of beds, minimizing the effects of the companion's movements.

            Natural fabrics with Sanitized® system: antibacterial, antifungal, antimite and hypoallergenic.

            Shipping and Guarantee:

            Made in Spain. 3 year warranty. Delivery with home delivery and with a prior call from the carrier to coordinate the date and time slot. For safety reasons, transporters will not lift the merchandise through places NOT enabled for this, such as windows, interior patios with limited accessibility with ropes or other types of utensils. The assembly of the product is not included in the base price, for this it is necessary to choose the option WITH ASSEMBLY. The price includes home delivery.

            IMPORTANT NOTE: If the measurements of the indicated covers do not fit in hallways, doors or stairs, we can make them split. Before shipping, the additional cost is €50. If you request the division after attempting delivery, the total cost is €150 (€50 for the cover + €100 for return and new shipment). Please take these delivery conditions into account in order to ensure successful shipping.

            Return policies


            All returns are accepted within 14 days of delivery of the product and as long as it is in its original packaging. With the exception of mattresses, which will have a withdrawal period of 100 days, where the customer can try the product.

            Para tramitar la devolución, ponte en contacto con nuestro servicio de atención al cliente, mediante formulario que encontrarás en “Contactar” o a través del correo electrónico info@colchonesbezen.com indicando el motivo de la devolución y te contactaremos a la mayor brevedad indicando el procedimiento a seguir.
            For reasons of hygiene and health, open products are not accepted, unless there is an error in the shipment of the product that could not be seen from the outside of the product (wrong product) or the delivered product has a manufacturing defect. This also does not apply to mattresses, which can be tested within 100 days. It is important to keep in mind that the mattresses can be used for testing, but for hygienic conditions, we recommend using a protective cover during the testing period. Mattresses used during those 100 days must be returned in optimal condition, without stains or damage.

            If you wish to test and return the mattress within those 100 days, once it has been spread, you must proceed to package it in a double layer of plastic and reinforce the corners of the mattress with cardboard. The return will be the responsibility of the customer, although you can also ask us to provide this collection service. The costs of collection due to the right of withdrawal will be deducted from the amount paid by the client at the time of processing the refund.

            The transportation cost of returns due to withdrawal will be the responsibility of the customer.

            In the case of returns due to factory defect, or execution of the warranty right, the after-sales department will evaluate the scope of the same to determine whether to repair or replace it with another product.

            Get in touch with info@colchonesbezen.com and follow the instructions provided to you to process the return or collection of the product.

            The refund will be carried out by the same method in which the purchase was made.

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