Wooden Canapé Pack + Ergo Mattress + Nordic Pillow

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High resistance and capacity wooden sofa.

    • Premium quality wooden board 5 cm thick.
    • Upholstered in high quality leatherette.
    • Thickness greater than most of the existing offer in the market that provides greater firmness and durability
    • Solid 3 cm thick stringers.
    • Board joining and adjustment system tested for more than 20 years, which guarantees the perfect adjustment of the stringers, headboard and footboard to each other, as well as the bottom of the settee through the slot machined with a high precision machine to insert the bottom into the rest of the boards without the need for multiple screws and holes.
    • Top of the sofa in wood with reinforcement in high quality stainless steel and upholstered with breathable fabric 100% of 3D material (woven with a multitude of interlaced threads with a mesh effect to allow air to pass through and guarantee the breathability of the mattress) in a matching color with the body of the couch
    • Lid-to-box adjustment through a precision mechanism provided with last generation double anti-noise hydraulic shock absorbers with variable force that facilitate the opening and closing of the box without any risk or unnecessary effort, as well as steel fittings that are easy to install on the side members. from the couch.
    • Solid wood handle with matching color.
    • Anti-movement stainless steel safety arch to prevent the mattress from shifting when the box lid is opened or closed.
    • Corners / legs at ground level in solid wood and rounded to avoid injuries and blows, as well as to maintain the line of the top of the settee also made in curve.
    • Anti-movement system of support at ground level to prevent the lateral swaying of the sofa and the entry of dust and lint.

    Length and width measurements according to the offer acquired by the client
    Total height to the ground: 35 cm

    Height of the internal useful hole: 28 cm

    Memory Ergonomic Memory Foam Mattress maximum Comfort. Relax Memory Effect | Height 24 cm | High firmness

    high 24 cm HR foam 4 cm Muscle pains


    The Ergo-Relax Plus memory foam mattress offers an ideal adaptability for any sleeper.

    Technical characteristics:
    • 24 cm high mattress with 4 cm shape memory layer with a density of 55kg / m3.
    • HR (high resilience) foam core with open cell structure that facilitates its ventilation.
    • Breathable and moisture-wicking natural viscosoft fabric, and 3D bottom fabric with maximum breathability that guarantees air flow in a 360º environment.
    • Ergonomic and anatomical mattress.
    • Soft Stretch upper fabric with "cloud" and "anti-stress" effect for better rest.
    • Long durability.
    • OEKO-TEX® certificate of authenticity of the materials used in its manufacture, free of harmful substances.

    Benefits of the Ergo-Relax Plus memory foam mattress:

    • Ideal to provide a great feeling of comfort.
    • Memory foam mattress, ideal to help you get a good night's sleep. Firm when it does not detect heat and adaptable in contact with the body, eliminating pressure points. By reducing muscle tension, it promotes proper blood circulation.
    • Designed for both low-weight and heavy-set people.
    • Maximum independence of beds, minimizing the effects of the movements of the companion.
    • Natural fabrics with Sanitized® system: antibacterial, antifungal, anti-mite and hypoallergenic.

    Vacuum packed, recovery in 24 hours.

    Nordic memory foam core pillow.

    • Made with breathable fabric of the highest quality.
    • Length: according to the chosen measure - Width 32 cm - Height 15 cm
    • It consists of an inner knitted cover.
    • Stretch fabric outer cover.
    • Very nice and soft touch.
    • Ergonomic.
    • Sanitized® technology.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • OEKO-TEX® certificate


    All products are manufactured in Spain. 2 years warranty.

    Shipping between 10 and 12 days from order confirmation, depending on the size. Street delivery except for products with assembly included.

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    Wooden Canapé Pack + Ergo Mattress + Nordic Pillow
    80x180 cm / White - €409.12
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