Imperial Verona

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  • Colchón ergonómico
  • Reduce la sudoración
  • Descanso reparador y total
  • Fabricado 100% en España

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Imperial Verona Memory Foam Mattress | 22cm | High firmness

HEIGHT 22 cm
CORE HR foam
STRONG POINT Muscle pains


You will discover an unknown comfort that improves the quality of sleep and rest to enjoy a true piece of heaven.


Technical characteristics

Mattress 22 cm high with 4 cm memory foam layer  with a density of 55kg/m3.

HR (high resilience) foam core with an open cell structure that facilitates ventilation.

Natural, breathable and anti-humidity "ViscoGel Soft" fabric. With a 3D lower fabric of maximum breathability that guarantees air flow in a 360º environment.

The padding layer of the IMPERIAL VERONA has an open cell structure made up of interconnected particles that facilitate air circulation and continuous ventilation of the core, thus helping to regulate body temperature in any season of the year.

The upper face of the IMPERIAL VERONA mattress is continuously padded with elastic and breathable "Stretch" fabric, made up of cotton threads with antibacterial properties that allow moisture to evaporate to achieve greater comfort during rest.

Ergonomic and anatomical mattress.

Long durability.

OEKO-TEX® certificate of authenticity of the materials used in its manufacture, free of harmful substances.


Benefits and strengths

Ideal to provide a great sensation of comfort thanks to the "cloud" effect and its softness. By reducing muscle tension, it promotes proper blood circulation. With a special posture corrector system so that the spine is always well aligned.

Maximum independence of beds, minimizing the effects of the companion's movements.

Reinforced perimeter, special safety stitching for better compactness. 

The plackets made of microfiber with capitoné effect stitching provide a high-quality and distinctive finish.

Multilayer breathable memory foam mattress, with an anti-heat effect that allows air to flow and ventilate effectively, achieving optimal rest.

Natural fabrics with harmless fibers with Sanitized system: anti-mite, antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic.


Made in Spain. 2 years warranty.

Delivery at street level except for products with assembly included.

Vacuum packed, recovery in 24 hours.

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