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Anti-Stress Carbon Mattress

Anti-Stress Carbon Mattress

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  • Alivia los dolores musculares
  • Reduce la sudoración
  • Descanso reparador y total
  • Fabricado 100% en España
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OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified. Free of harmful substances.


Memory Foam Anti-Stress Mattress with Carbon Therapy Memory Effect | High Firmness | Height 21 cm | Certified Sanitized® and Oeko-Tex

HEIGHT 22 cm
CORE HR foam
STRENGTHS Breathability and muscle aches


The Anti-Stress Carbon memory foam mattress reduces tension and provides a feeling of well-being during the hours of rest.

Technical characteristics:

Mattress 21 cm high with 2 cm of memory foam layer with a density of 55kg/m3.

HR foam (high resilience) in its nucleus with open cell structure that facilitates its ventilation.

Carbon Therapy and soft "Stretch" upper fabric, 3D lower fabric of maximum breathability that guarantees the flow of air in a 360º environment.

Ergonomic and anatomical mattress.

Long durability.

OEKO-TEX certificate® of authenticity of the materials used in its manufacture, free of harmful substances.


Benefits and strengths:

Special padding with fabrics that absorb static energy, through the insertion of carbon fiber threads that act as conductive channels and repel energy. Through these threads, electrostatic charges are expelled from the body, reducing tension and providing a feeling of well-being during hours of rest.

Maximum independence of beds, minimizing the effects of the companion's movements.

Reinforced perimeter, special safety stitching for better compactness.

100% breathable interlocking three-dimensional fabrics in the lower layer, ideal for people who are not hot or have night sweat problems

Natural fibers with Sanitized® system: anti-mite, antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic. Repellent of harmful substances, due to the great antibacterial capacity of carbon that repels dust specks.

Medium hardness and anti-heat effect.


Made in Spain. 2 years warranty.

Delivery at street level except for products with assembly included.

Vacuum packed, recovery in 24 hours.

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