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Does exercising help you sleep better?

The perfect balance between body and mind is the key to achieving the best possible rest. Therefore, it is always recommended to have an adequate diet, clear your mind with activities such as writing and reading, and disconnect with relaxing sounds. After numerous studies on the subject, it has also been proven that a good physical activity routine can incredibly benefit us when we go to sleep.

The benefits of exercise on us

Psychologically, exercising is one of the greatest favors you can do for your mind: it is proven that the release of different hormones, such as endorphins, during physical activity favors our mood and self-esteem, in addition to reducing anxiety levels, leading to a base more willing to higher quality rest

Exercise reduces the risk of hypertension (which makes it difficult to fall asleep) and depression (one of the biggest enemies of rest).

How to apply it and at what time you should exercise

There is no right time or place to exercise: it is something that depends entirely on each person's responsibilities and routines, as well as their preferences. There are those who prefer to go in the morning and also those who prefer late afternoon. 

Yes, the type of exercise practiced at night must be taken into account, since those that require a lot of strength or an intense cardio session will increase our heart rate and secretion of adrenaline, promoting the energy and activation of our body, which which makes rest difficult. Therefore, even if you prefer to exercise at night, it is important to not be very active in the 2 or 3 hours before going to bed.

The best types of exercise for rest are aerobics (walking, swimming, running, cycling...), especially at a lower or moderate intensity , because they help reduce the time it takes us to fall asleep and nighttime awakenings, as well as improve the quality of insufficient sleep. They can be combined throughout the week with other more muscular types, such as weight lifting or boxing.

If you are one of those who goes to the gym or plays sports late in the afternoon or late at night, try ending your day with a flexibility session, since this type of exercise promotes strength and muscle balance. Some examples of relaxing and flexibility sports are tai chi and yoga. Finally, muscle relaxation and good stretches after physical activity are the perfect addition to improve the quality of your sleep and avoid soreness and injuries.

More exercise, more rest.

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