Guía definitiva para elegir colchón para un niño

Ultimate guide to choosing a mattress for a child

Childhood is the crucial stage of development for all people. It is at this time that you grow the most physically and where the routines and habits that will condition your future performance are created. Therefore, it is essential that children have abundant, quality rest , easily provided by choosing the best possible mattress for them.

Choose the mattress according to the age of the child

Not all stages of growth are the same, so the requirements that the mattress must have are not the same for each stage.

In the first years of life, a very high firmness is needed in the mattress. Babies grow while sleeping and make many movements during the night. A soft mattress will make them sleep worse and increase the risk of suffering from back curvature, as well as pain and cervical problems when they grow.

For this early childhood , mattresses with great firmness and adaptability are recommended, such as those made with natural latex .

As you grow, the firmness of the mattress may decrease, although it should not become a soft mattress either. Firmness is crucial to obtain good spine and back posture in general during sleep. It is not recommended that children sleep on a soft mattress before the age of 10: at this age, the firmness of the mattress becomes a matter of preference rather than necessity, but before that it is extremely important that the firmness be high. .

At these ages, different options can be considered. Although latex is still a very good option, pocket springs and firm memory foam are also good alternatives.

Total absence of harmful substances

To protect the health of the little ones in the house, your mattresses should be made with natural and non-harmful products for health. Some certificates, such as OEKO-TEX, ensure that the products have been manufactured in the total absence of harmful substances, guaranteeing the quality of the material and its safety.

Different fabrics (especially those that are not natural) can be the cause of allergies, respiratory diseases and skin irritations, with even more incidence in younger children and those with a family history of these. diseases.

It is also highly recommended to opt for fabrics with anti-mite, antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-humidity and hypoallergenic certificates to ensure that no respiratory disturbance can cause a sleep problem.

Protect your mattress

By extending the life of your mattress, you also improve your children's rest.

Mattress protectors are the perfect complement for this: especially waterproof ones, which will save your mattress from the odd “night pee” from the little ones.

Our Pronébula and Bruner protectors are responsible for guaranteeing perfect rest, avoiding humidity, mites, bacteria and fungi, in addition to the bad odors and stains they produce. Good hygiene of the mattress and bedding is of vital importance.

With this simple addition, your mattress will live longer, your child will sleep better and you will worry less.


What mattress are you going to choose?

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