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Win the post-Summer budget crunch

27 Aug 2021

We have always heard of the post-Christmas budget crunch: that period after the Christmas holidays in which the pockets are emptied for the rise in prices, the return to the routine and for facing the cost of all the Christmas gifts that have been bought. But, there is a worse crunch, one that is not talked about so much: the post-Summer budget crunch.

Going back to the routine, coming back from the beach and, as if that weren't enough, the very expensive back to school season… it is normal for you to have nightmares.

From BeZen we offer you some tips to improve your financial (and mental) health during this hard month.

Make a budget

We all like to be leaves moved by the wind and spend when we feel like it, but in a month of so many responsibilities it is essential to prioritize some expenses and leave others for later.

Make a list with all the big expenses that you will have in September. To refresh your memory two of the most important are: 

  1. Energy expenditure: September is the end of summer, and also the beginning of autumn. This is a double-edged sword because one day you are pulling your hairs out due to the air conditioning bill, and the next you are pulling your hairs out for heating. Plan that you are going to spend a lot on electricity, no matter what.
  2. School supplies: whether you are a parent or a university student, you are going to need new materials, textbooks or uniforms for school. And unfortunately, they are not cheap.


Reuse and recycle

Similar to the above mentioned, there are a thousand ways to reuse materials that you already have at home or even shop at thrift stores (there are countless of them on the Internet). This besides being cheaper is more sustainable.

Markers, pens, backpacks, uniforms, calculators ... all of them can be reused from one year to the next (if they are in good condition). 

Regarding the school, if you search well, you will most likely find the textbooks that you will need at half the price in second hand pages (and many times they are in perfect condition).

College students have it even easier: university libraries often provide textbooks completely for free, and thank goodness, because they cost a fortune. Of course, you must be quick and go as soon as possible so that no one takes them before you.

Avoid whims

Who doesn't like a new cell phone or cool sneakers? But, you have to keep your head on your shoulders. Do you really need a new mobile phone? Yours is only one year old and works perfectly… And the white sneakers? On your birthday they already gave you the black ones and you have just used them for the first time...

No more unnecessary expenses! Those will come when you have a little extra money, but on the September budget crunch, any savings are more than welcome.


Take advantage of sales

Many companies try to take into account the problem of returning to the routine and the huge receipt of things to pay from families. For that, you can take advantage of offers in supermarkets and stores (both physical and online) to save.

Also, in September people tend to remodel or buy furniture, since with the end of the summer it is less hot and it is more feasible to work on it.

In BeZen we offer you discounts of an additional 10% on the entire web starting from September 1 to September 30. We want your return to "real life" to be as comfortable as possible.

Plan your work and your free time

The financial factor is essential to have it under control, but we forget that this stage is not only hard on the wallet: our mental health deteriorates and the stress of everyday life begins.

With the limited free time, the lack of organization after returning to work and studies and saying goodbye to the towel and the swimsuit until next year, anyone can be overwhelmed.

Before all the chaos begins take out 1 hour (or even less) of your day to organize: plan the schedule that you are going to follow at work or in class, if you have any important appointments or events mark them on your calendar and try to specify what free days you are going to have to make sure you have them for yourself. Do not lose sight of your free time, taking breaks is crucial!


We wish you a quiet return (in every way) to the routine. And… don't forget the 10% additional BeZen sale starting September 1!

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