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How do I make my mattress last longer?

When buying a new mattress there are always many questions: when will I have to change it? How do you maintain a mattress properly? Can I make the life of my mattress longer?

The answer to all these questions is found in the actions that are done on a daily basis: the better the mattress is treated, the more its life can be extended, although it is advisable to change it every 8 to 10 years .

Our experts offer you the best tips to make your mattress in better condition and your rest as well.

What to do from the beginning

    1. The life of your mattress begins when it is unpacked. It is extremely important that, if it came vacuum packed and rolled (as BeZen mattresses come), it is unrolled correctly and allowed to breathe until it regains its shape. Do not sleep or sit on the mattress until 24 to 48 hours after opening it .
    2. When purchasinga base or canapé, you must make sure that the size and materials are correct. Do not choose one that wears out the fabrics or the padding material and if you choose a bed base, it is better for it to be flexible. The mattress should be aligned with the base, avoiding protrusion as much as possible.
    3. Another question that arises a lot is whether the maintenance of the mattress varies depending on its core. In general, pocket spring , HR foam (or memory foam) and latex mattresses require the same care. If you don't know what type of mattress to choose according to your needs , we can help you.

Out of humidity and mites

  1. You should avoid leaving mattresses in damp rooms or places, as this encourages the appearance of fungi.
  2. Ventilate the room every day and better without the sheets on, as this reduces the appearance of mites and promotes the air flow of our mattress.
  3. Wash the bedding at least once a week (to avoid the accumulation of mites and/or bacteria) and if possible choose light-colored bedding, as it is easier to distinguish if There is some kind of dirt on these.

At BeZen, all our mattresses have Sanitized® fabrics, which are anti-mite, anti-fungal, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, in addition to being made with sustainable fabrics free of harmful substances (Certified OEKO-TEX®).

Protect your mattress and avoid deformities

  1. You can place a cover or topper on your mattress . These protect the mattress from moisture, mite accumulation and possible stains. Our Physio Topper is exclusively designed with a waterproof and completely breathable fabric, guaranteeing correct air flow.
  2. All our mattresses can be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth, allowing it to air out afterwards.
  3. To avoid lumps and deformities, it is highly recommended to turn the mattress from head to toe once a month and flip it (if it has two useful sides) once every 3 months.
  4. Avoid standing or jumping on the mattress, as well as sitting on the sides. This reduces its useful life and favors the presence of lumps and sinking.


Remember that if mens sana in corpore sana… Healthy sleep on a healthy mattress.

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