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How do I make telecommuting more comfortable?

05 Sep 2022

In order to perform at your best during your telecommuting day, it is important to create an ideal workspace in your home. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a corner that is separated enough from the rest to be able to enjoy the tranquility necessary for your tasks. For this reason, from BeZen we are bringing you some of the essential comforts to have that small office at home.

The environment is key

As we have already seen in previous feng shui articles and how teleworking affects rest, the main thing to keep in mind is the separation between work and relaxation. It is not advisable to work in the same place where you rest, so the office should be away from the room (if possible).

Find a place in the house with good natural lighting. This promotes performance, motivation and productivity, as well as regulating circadian rhythms and improving sleep at night. It also helps your eyes to get less tired.

In the case of not having good natural light, table lamps, especially flexible ones, will be your best ally. When choosing one, keep in mind that its light should be neither too warm nor too cold.

The colour psychology is nothing to be taken lightly: to promote activity, different bright colours can be combined in your space, such as warm or yellow tones. If your work requires a higher level of concentration, neutrals and earth tones will be the answer. If completely changing the colour of your furniture or walls seems like too much, try adding small decorations or accessories that give pops of colour, while keeping your furniture in a more "calm" colour base.

As for the decoration, plants are always a good friend: they help in purifying the environment and making breathing better.

Your comfort comes first

One of the most frequent problems teleworkers are exposed to is muscle pain, especially back pain. Ergonomic chairs can alleviate it to a great extent: these chairs adapt to the curvature of the back, in addition to being able to regulate the height at which they are located. Even better if they have wheels to move easily.

However, this option can become a very high expense. The alternative we propose are lumbar cushions or pillows that are placed on the desk chair and provide more support to the lower spine (as well as being significantly cheaper).

Adapt your work table to your needs: not everyone needs large nor small tables. In case of not having space for a larger table, opt for auxiliary accessories such as carts, trays, storage drawers or boards where you can store pens or other materials.

Sedentary lifestyle and lack of movement is another of the difficulties faced by people who work at home. A possible solution to the problem are standing tables: these allow you to adjust your height and be able to work while standing up, which favours leg circulation.

Your computer

There has been no better time than the present to invest in quality computer equipment. If your work requires it, it can be a very good investment.

Accessories that facilitate your task never hurt: additional screens, good keyboards… But they can become quite pricey. If you work with a laptop, the main thing is that the screen is more or less at your eye level, to avoid neck pain. You can buy supports to raise it at a very good price. 

To avoid eye pain and disturbing your sleep schedule, use glasses with blue filter for screens or applications that regulate white tones of your computer as the hours of the day go by.


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