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How to choose your mattress


A move, a new member in the family or a mattress so old that it keeps you awake all night, until you decide to look for a new one on the Internet at dawn. You are about to search and… the million dollar question!: How do I choose a new mattress? What do I have to take into account? Are there not only two categories: hard and soft?

If you want to solve your doubts, you have come to the right place.

Firmness and toughness

One of the most common mistakes when shopping for a new mattress is confusing firmness with hardness.

Firmness is the resistance and stability of the mattress, that is, the resistance it has when lying down, whether it moves a lot or not.

On the other hand, hardness is how hard or soft a mattress is, which has more to do with the needs or preferences of the client.

Some of our BeZen mattress models according to their firmness and hardness: 




According to the sleeping position

It should also be borne in mind that not all sleeping postures need the same support and reinforcement.

For those who sleep face up it is essential to have a good lumbar support and a mattress of high firmness.

If you tend to sleep sideways, the most important thing is that the spine is well aligned, and this is achieved with mattresses of medium firmness, which conform to the curves of it.

When sleeping face down (as many of us do when summer and heat arrive) a good neck and spine support is needed, which when turned over, is achieved with a medium or low firmness.

The ideal mattresses for every position:



According to the movement when sleeping

We have all slept at some time with someone who was not still, and if it has not happened, that is because you are that someone.

To be able to sleep peacefully (alone or with someone), a good bed independence is needed. Fortunately, all BeZen mattresses are specially designed to guarantee this independence.

Another aspect that can affect movement is the core: both a pocket spring core and HR foam core serve to reduce sleep fluctuations as much as possible, although it is true that the memory foam mattresses isolate better.

Any of the BeZen mattresses HR foam would be the right one for you.

If you are hot or not

For those people who have night sweats, hot flashes or are simply very hot, it is important that your mattress has maximum breathability (to retain less heat) and that it is also anti-humidity.

The BeZen mattresses that best meet these requirements are mattresses with graphene fabric (Premium Graphene and Generation Z) and mattresses with winter and summer face (Visco Gel).

Graphene is a substance derived from carbon that has great resistance and breathability. Thanks to being a very light and practically transparent fabric, air circulation is greatly facilitated, alleviating that feeling of heat.

Double sided mattresses (winter and summer) have a "shape memory" viscoelastic layer on the winter side and a "Visco Gel" layer on the summer side, generating a greater sensation of freshness.

Core type: pocket springs or HR foam?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the choice of core type of a mattress has more to do with customer's preference. If you are still not sure which one to choose, you can check our article "Pocket springs VS HR Foam" where we inquire further into the specific characteristics of each type of nucleus.

Other factors to consider: weight and height

These last two things are very important and decisive when choosing a new mattress, but don't despair, because they have a solution: BeZen mattresses come in one great variety of sizes that adapt to the customer's needs.

Refering to height, it is recommended that the mattresses be 10 centimeters longer than our height, to have a small margin that allows us to rest quietly, without the feet sticking out below or the head crashing against the headboard.

About weight, the vast majority of BeZen mattresses resist the weight of the person very well, up to 100 kilos approximately. However, models with less than 22 cm in height are recommended up to 80-90 kilos and those with more than 22 cm up to 100 kilos.

Quality of materials: hypoallergenic and sustainable

At BeZen we take the health of our customers and the environment very seriously. If you do too, you're in luck: all the fabrics and fibers in our mattresses are Sanitized® certified (they are hypoallergenic, anti mites, anti bacteria and anti fungi), which guarantees an allergy-free rest for those most sensitive to them. In addition, they also have the OEKO-TEX® certificate, which ensures a manufacture free of harmful substances and good for the planet.


Now ... you decide!




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