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Does aromatherapy help sleep?

17 Oct 2022

If you frequently visit lifestyle blogs, herbalists or you are interested in spiritual practices, surely you have heard of aromatherapy: that experience that allows you to balance your mind, body and soul through smells. It is highly acclaimed by its followers, but is it really useful?

What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy consists of using essential oils from plants to treat physical and emotional disorders, as well as to improve the well-being of our body and our mind. These oils are obtained from aromatic plants, barks, seeds and other parts thereof, by steam distillation and greatly concentrating their aroma.

This practice is usually complementary to other types of healing practices: both official medicine and spiritual healing. Although it is not recommended to use it as a substitute for traditional medicine if you suffer from any serious pathology, it is strongly recommended to relieve the psychological stress linked to these pathologies.

It works thanks to the sense of smell and the absorption of aromas in the blood. Through smelling, these odours penetrate the limbic system, which is in contact with humor, instinct and emotions, helping to segregate chemical substances that allow the release of these emotions. It is also possible due to olfactory memory, which usually carries certain memories and emotions linked to it.


Is it good for sleeping?


Our mission is always well-being and resting, so it is worth asking if aromatherapy is beneficial for sleeping. The answer is very simple: yes, it is.

Aromatherapy is the perfect complement to promote relaxation before falling asleep: helping to relax, loosening muscles, producing melatonin and falling asleep.

There are many ways to get scents into your mind and body: through essential oil diffusers, oils in contact with the skin (be careful with those that can irritate it), with perfumes for pillows, candles (which should be turned off before going to sleep)... In short, countless ways of smelling.

The best scents for sleeping

The oils or aromas that best adapt to your rest are the following:

  1. Lavender: the magnificent “sedative” properties of lavender on the nervous system, muscle relaxation and its antiseptic function have never been a secret.
  2. Bergamot: this small citric fruit is very common in infusions recommended for sleeping, in addition to having an essential oil with a delicious smell.
  3. Lemon verbena: a plant with great calming properties, especially for anguish, anxiety and depression.
  4. Tangerine: tangerine essential oils, contrary to what one might think, have a very mild aroma that helps to fall asleep, especially for restless people.
  5. Roman chamomile: also known as chamomile, is perfect for sensitive people whose sleep is frequently stolen by shocks in their day to day. It is also recommended if you suffer from high blood pressure.


Trying new methods to sleep better never hurts.


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